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InfoRecall will make you smarter by putting information at your fingertips instantly! It let you manipulate your information to make it much more useful and shareable. You can create hyperlinks to texts, files, documents and other information to bind it all together for seamless integration. Import from and export to many different file formats. Store your data in the cloud and have your team access, modify and use it. And, that's not all.
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Context Sensitive Help
Press the F1 key on any dialog and get quick and precise help for that topic.

Workspace Management
Workspace manager provides a powerful, yet easy to use method to move windows and Toolbars around and dock or float them anywhere within the InfoRecall workspace.

Swap Source Folder
Keep your information on different Folders, Drives, USB Stick or Network and switch between them with a single mouse click.

Single or Multiple Document View
Multiple documents allow you to open more than one document. Every open document will have a tab. Click on tabs to switch documents. Cascade documents, tile them horizontally or vertically to work on one or more documents at the same time.

Multiple User Access
Need to share information with others? No Problem. Keep your information on your main drive and have other access it from their computers.

Network Use
InfoRecall network capabilities provides each user with full the functionality of the single user but when a document is in use,  InfoRecall will lock it and restrict work on it to the first user.

InfoRecall's Editor is extremely flexible and powerful. It's a word processor within InfoRecall that offers unlimited document size and all the font formatting features supports extended character formatting like individual fonts and font sizes, bold, italic, underline, double underline, strikethrough, superscript, subscript and colors. Also supports images, tables, columns and more.

Hyperlinks and Hypertexts
Create Hyperlinks from text or graphic images.
Link from text to text in a document, text from one document to another in any file. Link to Popup text in a document. Link to files, programs, folders, emails, the Internet, anything!  InfoRecall ties all your information together with its ability to link to relevant information, either in InfoRecall or elsewhere. Make you information come alive!

Create New Document from Clipboard Text
New Document from Windows Clipboard lets you create a new Document from contents in the Clipboard. This is of particular benefit to people who want to copy and keep text from web pages, e-mails word documents or from anything else.

Import documents to InfoRecall so you can search them and have pertinent information at your fingertips. Import TXT, RTF and Microsoft Word DOCX files.

There might be times when you need to share your information with others in a format that is widely used and is platform independent. InfoRecall is able to export a wide range of different file formats, suitable for print or digital purposes. Export single or multiple documents  as PDF, TXT, RTF, DOCX or HTML files.

Spell Check
Automatic or manual spell checking. Maintains regular and user dictionaries.

Type for You!

Tired of typing words, terms, phrases or whole sentences that are repetitive? Type for You! will do it for you. InfoRecall maintains a list of prompts and text associated with it. Just type the Prompt, press the Space Bar and Type for You! does the rest.!

Combine & Export as
Combine several documents into one and export them as PDF, TXT RTF or DOCX files.

Print single or multiple documents. Set document or global margins. Print preview.
Combine multiple documents and print as one document

Favorite Documents
A quick and convenient way to open your most often used documents without going through the extra motion of opening a File and then clicking on a document to open it.

Lightening Fast Searches
Search a single file or all files. Use NORMAL, FUZZY, AND, OR, IF NOT, NUMBERS, DATES, or INDEXED searches. Nothing stays hidden!

Search & Replace
Search for and replace any occurrence of a character, word or phrase with another character, word or phrase or blank space.

Global Search
InfoRecall can sift through megabytes of Files in just a few seconds. Search everything you have;
Drives, UBS Flash Drive, CD's or Network.. Search for files or through files.

File Drawer
File Drawer shows you all the files in your data folder, when they were created and accessed, the individual file sizes and the number of documents each file contains.

Document Drawer
Document Drawer lets you see all the documents that are in a File.
It displays the File name, the position of the document in the File and the Document Name.

Browse History
History is the list of documents you've opened.
InfoRecall keeps a history of documents you've opened and enables you to to select one and quickly jump to it and open it again.

Keyboard Shortcuts
Quick Reference list to InfoRecall shortcut keys by Menu.

Reminders allow you to schedule events for a certain date. InfoRecall will remind you when that date arrives and display a dialog box showing all the reminders for that day.
Time Tracker
Time Tracker is for Lawyers, Consultants, Accountants or other professionals who need to keep track of client time and client charges. Work on any InfoRecall File while tracking time. You can Paste the Date, Start and Finish time, Total Time, Cost per Hour and total Cost to a document at any time.
Personal security and security for Corporations. Password a File, Password a Document, Set a Log-In Password, Password your Source Folders, make a File Read-Only or make all Files Read-Only with our Global Read-Only feature.

Synchronizing Files is very useful if you work on the same Files on more than one computer or travel with a UBS Flash Drive.

Backup - Restore
Every data storage media will fail someday and it always seems to happen when you need the data the most.  Hopefully you have a current backup. If not, you may be faced with many frustrating hours trying to reconstruct your data.
Backup for InfoRecall is powerful and easy-to-use.

The term template, when used in the context of InfoRecall, refers to a "fill-in-the-blanks" dialog to create standardized data for an InfoRecall document. Build Templates with Text fields, Labels and Graphics.

Boiler Plate Text
With InfoRecall you can quickly put together documents that share standard fragments of text, from a library of reusable text. You can store the reusable text in different Folders and documents then assemble them with the Boilerplate feature. When finished you can print the assembled text or paste it into a new document.

Word Count
Keep track of the number of  words in a document or count the number of characters, including or excluding space characters and page breaks.
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