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InfoRecall is a free-form type of information software. It's powerful, flexible, yet as easy to use as 1,2,3. It'll get you started within minutes. Entering information is easy: Type it in, drag it in, import it or paste it.

Lightening fast searches puts information at you fingertips, fast! Extensive linking with hyperlinks and hypertext
ties all your information together for quick access and reference.

Export your information as pdf, txt, rtf or html files to make your information usable and shareable extensively.

No restrictions to size. From random information to book size. InfoRecall will manage it all.
Indispensable Information Software
Lets you manage your information fast & easy and share it across a network of computers.
Maximize the value of your information for improved effectiveness and decision making!

Any type of Information!

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InfoRecall: real SOFTWARE for busy people
The Power To Recall Information Fast & Easy!
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Information Storage & Retrieval Software
Managing information is becoming ever more critical to success. Today, the key factor in the modern world is information. The true value of information doesn't always come from its immediate use, but rather from its use at some point in the future. Don't stack your desk or file cabinets with information you'll never find again, use InfoRecall the best find-it-fast, free form information manager on the market.
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How many times have you been frustrated, having to dig and hunt to retrieve information you knew you had but couldn't instantly put your fingers on? InfoRecall is a high-speed information management system. Recall Any Information (Even If You Can't Remember What It's Called) in the Blink of an Eye. And here's the best news of all; Info-Recall is not only incredibly powerful, it is remarkably low in cost.
Storage & Retrieval of Vast Quantities of Information at the Touch of a Button
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